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An exhibition is an event to collectively display different art, product or skills. Both individuals and businesses partake in this event to reach specific goals. Various types of exhibitions are specially organized to cater to the needs of the participants.

There are commercial and non-commercial exhibitions. Commercial exhibitions are intended to attract buyers and sell the displayed items while non-commercial exhibitions are simply arranged for an appreciation of talents and skills. Exhibitions can be categorized further into museums, art exhibitions, trade exhibitions, and consumer exhibitions.

Museums are devoted to the conservation of valuable scientific, artistic, cultural and historical objects. It is open for public viewing which aims to give its visitors significant knowledge. It a non-commercial type of exhibition since its purpose is to protect its collection from being lost and damaged and make them last for years.

Art exhibitions can include paintings, figurines, drawings, and photos. They can be commercial and non-commercial. Non-commercial art gallery shows art pieces of renowned artists and is available to the public. Commercial art exhibitions, on the other hand, are held to showcase the artworks of debutant artists. Their purpose is to have their works examined by art enthusiasts. They can end up selling their pieces once it gets attention and recognition.

Trade shows are events between organizations and business. They are designed to let the participants showcase their products and services and see if it can gain the interest of another company. They are a commercial exhibition but only those invited can attend.

Consumer exhibitions are taken advantage of different companies to expose their products and services to the public. The theme can be intended for a particular demographic (mothers, teenagers) or assembled to show a particular product or service (IT shows, car shows). The idea behind this event is to attract the public to buy their products or services.

Exhibitions are advantageous both to buyers and sellers. Sellers can gain income by participating on these events while buyers can have an option to differentiate different brands and services and find the product that best suit them in one place.

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